RV is a privately owned advice business specialising in the provision of quality retirement planning and financial planning services.

Within the Victorian Public sector, RV has a high level of recognition for expertise, service and clarity in planning. RV works closely with members of the Victorian teaching service.

Historically a decision regarding retirement tended to be an all or nothing decision. A teacher either continued in full-time work, or fully retired. 

More recently changes to superannuation rules, workforce flexibility and the abolition of compulsory retirement age have tended to open options for teachers in the years before full retirement.

Transition to retirement (TTR)

Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension can be commenced from superannuation capital from age 55, without the requirement for retirement from the workforce.

Options exist for some teachers to work part-time without a reduction in their net fortnightly income. Some may have the option of receiving a superannuation pension, resuming full-time work, and building their retirement savings by using tax efficient salary sacrifice and savings from surplus income. The options do not work for everyone. Both in the run-up to age 55 , and to age 60, you should get advice particular to your own situation.

Advice with superannuation

An RV adviser can help you to understand and work out suitable ways to plan and structure your superannuation to maximise your super savings.

We can sit down and together work out based on your lifestyle goals, how much you need to save now so you can have the retirement you want. We will work out how much you need, and how much is enough.


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