This section contains a series of short articles. Some of the articles are intended to assist clients and prospective clients by providing a framework for thinking about retirement issues. Some of the articles address technical issues peculiar to members of the Victorian Government Superannuation Schemes.

A print friendly version of each article is available for those who wish to print a copy- just bring up the article and click on the 'Print Version' button.


What sort of retirement advice do I need?


Some people believe that the purpose of retirement planning is to decide what superannuation products to invest in. In fact, they should be thinking about what will satisfy their lifestyle needs and objectives through retirement.


Positioning: Thinking About Income and Retirement


Often for the first time, retirement brings access to capital and time. Planning for retirement is first and foremost about lifestyle planning - deciding what you wish to do and then constructing your financial strategy to meet your lifestyle objectives.


Vic. Govt. Super – ESSSuper (GSO) Revised Scheme:


If you leave the ESSSuper Revised Scheme prior to your 55th birthday you are deemed to have resigned. If you leave on or after your 55th birthday you are deemed to have retired. What may appear to be a minor difference could have a major effect on your superannuation benefits.


Women Teachers and Superannuation in Victoria


The history of superannuation for married women teachers in Victoria is a litany of discriminatory practices, disadvantage and discouragement. Some women have taught for much of their lives without accruing the retirement benefits which compulsorily accrued for men.

Planning Your Retirement


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